All Of Our Favorite Movie Characters Get Together To Sing Adele's 'Hello' In This Awesome Mashup

"Hello, it's me."

There've been countless Adele covers, particularly those that take on her recent hit "Hello." Standout performances include those from a young Korean girl to a university marching band and even Demi Lovato.

The latest "Hello" tribute comes from Matthijs Vlot's YouTube channel, and it's one in which multiple movie lines are mashed up to sing the entire song.

And we're talking multiple movies. The video includes everything from "Beauty and the Beast" to "Star Wars," "Anchorman," "School of Rock" and plenty of other memorable classics.

And key players like Harry Potter, Bart Simpson, E.T., Bruce Almighty, and Luke Skywalker nail every word. 


Hello, from the other side...

Be sure to watch the full video below:

(H/T: Mashable)


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