Check If Your Country Made The List Of The Happiest Countries In The World

Seems like a good time to visit Costa Rica.

Want to live a happy life? Head to Costa Rica. 

While Burkina Faso and United Arab Emirates seem like the best places if you are fond of living amon grouchy people.

People at MoveHub have created a series of maps based on the latest data from Happy Planet Index (HPI), a global measure of sustainable well-being. The maps picture 151 countries and reveal which of them take a lead at delivering long, happy and environmentally sustainable lives to their citizens.


"Most measures of national progress put a high emphasis on the economic activity without too much concern for environmental limits or less tangible aspects, such as well-being," MoveHub states.

The company claims that the HPI advocates the idea that "happiness is not necessarily about wealth, but living long lives with a high experience of well-being within the environmental limits of the planet."

The overall index scores are based on three component measures: life expectancy, experiences, well-being and Ecological Footprint. However, the data does not consider internal inequality measures and human rights issues.


According to the data, Europe's happiest countries are Albania (54.1), Norway (51.4), and Switzerland (50.3). The least happy countries include Macedonia (28.3), Bulgaria (34.1) and the Eauropean part of Russia (34.5).

North America

United States measures at 37.3 which is way lower than neighboring Canada (43.6). And Mexico gets away with a pretty high happiness index of 52.9.

Central America

Central America's least happy countries are Trinidad and Tobago (30.3). The Dominican Republic comes in the middle with a happiness index of 50.7 and the rest of the countries measure at 56 and above.

South America

South America shows some contrasts with Uruguay measuring only at 39.3, compared to Colombia (note there is a typing mistake in the map) and Venezuela with 59.8 and 56.9.


According to the Happy Planet Index's data, Africa shows the lowest rates in HPI starting with Botswana (22.6), Chad (24.7), and Central African Republic (25.3). The happiest countries include Algeria (52.2), Tunisia (48.3), and Morocco (47.9).

Asia and the Middle East

Asia and the Middle East also displays a variety in HPI. The least happy countries, according to the data presented, are Qatar (25.2), Mongolia (26.8), and Kuwait (27.1). Big countries like Australia, China and Iran come in the middle. The happiest are proven to be Vietnam (60.4), Bangladesh (56.3), and Indonesia (55.5).

The happiest nations

Have some thoughts on these maps? Share them in the comment section and let us know how you feel about your country.

(via ; Movehub ; Happy Planet Index)

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