Help Build A Better Smartphone Future

Mod your world for a chance to win.

During my work with Motorola, one of the most impressive innovations I've seen are the new Moto Mods, swappable backs that allow you to transform the Moto Z smartphone into exactly what you need it to be. The Moto Z with Moto Mods doesn't just give you a slightly better camera, you get a Hasselblad with 10x optical zoom. Instead of small speakers, you get to rock JBL stereo sound. Instead of another year of only 5" screens, you can have a 70" projection.

The possibilities are endless and that's what makes me most excited about the Moto Mods Developer Program, which allows developers outside of Motorola to contribute to the ecosystem by building their own Moto Mods. For me, it's about exercising the creative power with the potential to try and develop something great that impacts people.


If there’s one thing I know as an investor in startups, it's that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Establishing a new hardware ecosystem is hard… and it takes time. While Motorola is coming up with ideas for new Mods inside their own walls every day, there's an opportunity to bring more innovation to life.

That's why they just announced a new partnership with Indiegogo, where people can raise money to bring their Moto Mods idea to life. Submit ideas through January 31, 2017 for a chance to win a Moto Mods Development Kit and a Moto Z, and the potential to bring your idea to life. Those with the top concepts will receive the opportunity to pitch their idea to executives at Motorola's Chicago office. Lenovo Capital has also set aside up to $1 million to help bring the best Moto Mods ideas to market. If you want to get started right away, there are also hackathons starting next month to work on new Moto Mods ideas. 

The possibilities are nearly limitless, from infrared cameras, e-ink displays, game controllers to metal detectors. Who knows —maybe we'll see an air pollution Mod or a blood pressure monitor Mod in the future.

The future of technology is so bright, and it changes every day. Why not help make an impact and be part of the future?

This post is presented by Motorola. 


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