Watch This Guy Hilariously Lip Sync To Pop Songs, All While Driving Around With His #OverIt Mom

She seems less than impressed.

Many families love to pass the time on long car rides by watching movies, playing games, and of course, singing along to the radio. Whether you're pitch perfect or tone def, it sure beats asking, "Are we there yet?" again

One YouTuber, Motoki Maxted, took family "fun" to a whole new level with an elaborate lip syncing session to today's biggest pop hits, complete with one stone-cold chauffeur ... aka his mom


Seriously, is the Queen's Guard looking for new recruits? Because this lady can show absolutely no emotion with the best of 'em.

From Justin to Rihanna, Maxted's mom is unflappable. She keeps her expression blank and her eyes on the road no matter how much her son (traffic) jams out to today's hottest tracks.

But Maxted won't let his star power fade that easily. As a last ditch effort to get his mother's attention, he resorts to some pretty intense booty shaking. She glances over for about a millisecond.

Then again, she might just be checking her passenger side mirror ...

Luckily for Maxted, thousands of people found his video more entertaining than his mother (or rather, because of his mother). Since the video debuted on July 26, it's already garnered nearly 500,000 views.

Watch the full video of this family's musical antics below:


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