Touching Video Shows A Mother's Words Leaving A Lasting Impression On Her Daughter


Holidays are bittersweet for those of us who've lost a loved one with whom memories of holidays and other special occasions of joy are embedded. It's easy to feel suddenly left out, or incredibly empty on Mother's or Father's Day, if you've lost a parent.  On such days we try to strike a balance between grief and gratitude, while feeling their absence with an even greater poignancy as we see others celebrating with loved ones still with them. 

We still feel as close – and perhaps closer than ever – to those who have passed as we remember the times we shared, and fondly look over their words, their cards, and their gifts. Because those things connect us to the past and to their presence, even in the shadow of their absence.

It's not easy.

"Give Meaning," a new campaign by American Greetings, addresses that sense of loss and closeness in a new commercial titled "tattoo." 


The commercial begins with a young woman entering a shop for her first tattoo.

As she nervously looks around the shop before finally sitting in the chair to let the artist begin his work, we hear her voice intoning words of praise.

"Dearest Paloma," it begins. "You are the sunshine of our lives. You've brought us love, joy, laughter ..."

"Your inner beauty radiates from you," the narration continues as she watches the ink take shape.

As the tattoo artist finishes, we realize who the words came from and just how much they mean.

Watch the commercial in its entirety below.

It's a touching moment that truly captures just how important words and people are, not just on holidays, but every day.

Please share your moments with us with the hashtag #GiveMeaning. 


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