The Mother's Day Gift Box Every Mom (But Especially Yours) Will Be Excited To Open

She deserves it.

Mother's Day is right around the corner, which means it's time to give back to the person who gave you everything — your mom. But after all the years she spent taking care of you, one gift just isn't enough to show your appreciation. This year, choose five or six (or more — your mom's worth it!) items from our Mother's Day gift idea list and put them all in a Mother's Day gift box to celebrate how special she is each and every day. 

Just watch her face light up with surprise when she opens the box and realizes it's filled with so many amazing things picked just for her. 

Below are just a few ideas for what you might want to include in your Mother's Day gift box. 


1. For the mom who loves taking family selfies.

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This instant photo printer from Prynt Pocket is perfect for the mom who loves taking pictures on her phone almost as much as the people in them. This easy-to-use gadget plugs directly into her phone and can print any photo (even ones from Instagram) faster than she can say, "You really are my favorite child."  

2. For the mom who needs a place to put all those pics.

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Of course, with all these new photos freed from her phone, she's gonna need a place to show them all off. This photo album can hold 240 4-inch by 6-inch photos, making it the gift that keeps on giving for years to come. 

3. For the mom who loves to read.

Don't just thank your mom, make sure she reads the message loud and clear in Chicken Soup for the Soul's bookazine Thank You, Mom: A Mother's Day Celebration. Filled with heartwarming reflections on motherhood and inspirational stories shared from real life, this gift is just as unique as she is.  (As a heads, up, A Plus is a Chicken Soup for the Soul company.)

4. For the mom who just wants some quality time.

If you have the kind of mom who says she wants nothing for Mother's Day, except of course, "spending quality time with my children" then treat her to a paint & sip class. Together, you'll spend the evening getting creative, and maybe a little tipsy. Best of all, your mom will treasure the painting and the experience for years to come. 

5. For the mom who knows how to accessorize.

A personalized initial necklace is a great way for you to be with your mom always, especially if you live far away. You can customize each necklace pendant with her initial, yours, and any sibling's. 

6. For the mom who likes to rock out.

Whether that means jamming out to Billy Joel or making money moves with Cardi B, give your mom an experience she'll never forget with tickets to her favorite concert in her Mother's Day gift box. If you can, have your siblings chip in to make it a fun family outing for everyone. 

7. For the mom who knows good food — and can't get enough of it.

Get a sweet, spicy, or savory gift for your always sweet mom with tickets to a food festival. This handy guide shows you every food festival by state, so all you have to do is find the one that fits your mom's tastes and schedule. Then you can surprise her with tickets to an extra special experience. 

8. For the mom who's always on her feet.

What women, nay what human person, doesn't love a new pair of shoes — especially when they come from someone they love? No one. These wool loungers from Allbirds (available in six stylish colors) take comfort and style to a whole new, mom-worthy level. 

9. For the mom who loves passing down family traditions.

Whether your mom's basically a professional chef or is only known for one edible dish, this personalized recipe plate is about so much more than good eating. By taking a handwritten recipe and pressing it on to a plate, you're not just preserving a family tradition, but also passing it on to future generations of foodies. 

10. For the mom who loves trying something new.

Another out-of-the-box gift — that will still fit inside your Mother's Day gift box — is a coupon or gift card for lessons to that class your mom has always wanted to try. Whether it's salsa dancing, learning a new language, or mastering Brazilian jiu jitsu, your mom will love the thought you put into this gift. And if you're lucky, she might even invite you to join her! 

11. For the mom who, after years of taking care of you, deserves a rest.

Make Mother's Day last all the way to Mother's Night (and beyond) with the perfect pair of silky pajamas. Your mom will love the classic look almost as much as she loves the cozy feel — and the person who gave them to her, of course.  

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