Mother's Day Gifts: 10 Things She'll Actually Be Surprised To Receive

Because she's a cool mom.

This holiday, don't just give mom any old necklace or cookbook. Get creative with any one of these festive, unique gifts she's sure to love.


1. For the mom who's always cookin':

Each dice has a different ingredient label, so just shake them up and get a new recipe every time.

Foodie Dice No. 1 — Seasonal Dinners Tumbler, $38

2. For the mom who needs a drink:

Self explanatory.

Mommy's Sippy Cup, $16

3. For the mom who deserves a thank you:

These "You're Welcome" cards are perfect for mom to send out when she's looking for a little appreciation. And she'll get a kick out of them too. 

Terrapin Stationers "You're Welcome" Stationery, $8

4. For the mom who wants everything personalized:

Does your mom have everything monogramed? Do you have personalized memorabilia all over the house? Try getting her these cartoon glasses, customized for any family. 

Personalized family glassware, $12

5. For the mom at every tailgate:

Invite mom to the tailgate with one of these koozies. Because hey, partying with her actually is the best, isn't it?

Mommy Bear beverage coolers, $5.99

6. For the mom who just wants to be a "cool mom:"

What's the 411?!

Does your mom try to text you with the latest teenage slang (and fail miserably)? Try giving her these "Slang Flashcards" that come complete with a pronunciation guide, slang definitions and illustrations. They're sure to have her "rollin' with your shorties in no time."

7. For the mom who never sleeps:

For those moms who need a little caffeine boost, give them different coffee roasts that are appropriate for different times of day. "Groggy Morning Grogg" is best for the morning, while "Night Owl Decaf" is perfect for that one last cup before bed.

Morning, Noon, and Night Coffee, $11.95 each

8. For the mom who's always right:

Just admit it, you can't win.

Handmade card, $3.84

9. For the mom who always wants to talk:

Record your voice sending mom a message and get the sound wavelengths printed and framed for a creative, artsy gift.

Wave print, prices vary

10. To the mom with college kids all over the place:

Whip up an old fashion on the plane from one college visit to another. We know mom needs it (and maybe get one for dad too).

Old Fashioned Carry-On Cocktail Kit, $24

And don't forget a hug, too.

Cover photo via Istock / aldomurillo

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