Mother With ALS Gives Her Daughter The Best Wedding Gift She Could Ever Ask For

A beautiful moment between mother and daughter.

Last August, amidst the ALS 'Ice Bucket' Challenge social epidemic, Anthony Carbajal's story went viral. He made a video defending the Challenge, as he himself suffers from ALS. But in a new video released early October, his mother is the star.

After his sister's wedding ceremony, Carbajal's mother took a bad fall. She too has ALS, which causes the body to slowly lose strength and break down all motor nuerons that send signals to the spine and brain. It's fatal.

She was rushed to the hospital and doctors told Carbajal's sister that her mother wouldn't make it back for the reception. 

"My sister was devestated," Carbajal wrote in the video. "But she stayed strong in honor of mom." That is, until her mom showed up, clad in a hosital gown still, to have share a dance with the bride.

An absolutely beautiful wedding memory.

(H/T: Cosmo)


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