Creative Mom Saves Memories By Taking Weekly Pics Of Her Cute Baby Daughter

Weekly dose of cuteness.

Memories are precious. But sometimes it can be hard to save them all in our limited hard drive called 'brain'.

This creative mom found another way to store all the best memories of her newborn girl. Melbourne-based designer Klara Street has been photographing her daughter Maya every week since her birth. 


Klara wanted to have something more than just usual pictures of her baby.

Being keen on photography and art, Klara decided to take the matter into her own hands.

She started a Tumblr blog Today Maya where she's been posting the cute pics of her ever-happy baby girl.

Klara says it is very interesting to see how Maya is changing over time.

"She has always been such a happy, easygoing baby, but she has got a huge personality and I can see she is getting more and more cheeky," Klara told A+.

Klara says it was much easier to take the pictures when Maya was just a baby.

"Now, she's crawling away and it's really difficult to keep her on a spot. It usually takes around 80 pictures per week to choose the one. Sometimes there are three people standing behind me to make her laugh and get her attention," Klara told A+.

Both Klara and her husband are experienced scuba divers. No wonder Maya's been diving since she was only 12 weeks old.

In case Maya develops an alternative hobby, mommy can show her this.

Klara says she probably won't be able to keep up with the daily photographs, but she has something even better in mind.

"I am planning to take monthly pictures for her 2nd year, the same position and same clothes to see how quickly she grows. And for her 3rd year I would like to take daily face pictures to make a time lapse," Klara told A+.

See you after a year, Maya!

To keep up with Klara's and Maya's lovely adventures, follow their Tumblr blog Today Maya. For more heartwarming mother-daughter collaborations, head to these articles: 

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