Mother-Son 'History Of Dance' Routine At Talent Show Has Seriously Impressed The Internet

"I conned my son, who also likes to dance as much as I do, [to] do it with me."

When Ginny Jenkins, a guidance counselor at Myers Park High School in Charlotte, N.C., heard about the school's talent show, she knew she wanted to be a part of it. The show would benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation, an organization dedicated to fighting breast cancer. 

Ginny decided to enlist the help of her son, Scott Jenkins, to be a part of the show with her. "I conned my son, who also likes to dance as much as I do, [to] do it with me," Ginny told NBC Charlotte. "If you asked most of our friends, you know, we're the dancing, goofy ones in the family for sure." 

He was more than willing. "I thought it would be a lot of fun," Scott said. 


They showed their mutual love for dance in a nearly five-minute-long "History of Dance" routine. In it, they tackled a variety of synchronized dance moves and dance-offs including the macarena, Carlton's iconic dance moves from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the "Whip/Nae Nae," "Hit the Quan," and more. 

Their moves are fun and the routine is certainly creative, but the best part is watching a mother and son have a great time together. 

You can watch the dance routine in the video below.

The video only went up a few days ago, but it's already been viewed 23 million times and counting. It's been shared over 435,000 times and has more than 283,000 likes. Many people took to the comments section to share how much they enjoyed the routine and watching this mother-son bond in action. 

Cover image via Mirko Macari / Shutterstock


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