5 Mothers And Sons Who Show Just How Strong A Bond Can Be

"There's no power like it on this Earth / No treasure equal to its worth / The gift of a mother's love."

After carrying their newborn baby for nine months, it's easy to understand why mothers and children have an innately strong connection from birth. Moms and daughters usually have something unbreakable, but the bond between moms and sons is often special in a totally different way. 

Just as Jim Brickman's "A Mother's Love" celebrates, "There's no power like it on this Earth / No treasure equal to its worth / The gift of a mother's love." Of course, there's no definitive mold into which each parent-child relationship must fit. Thus, while some mother-son duos love to have fun, other mother-son relationships are an educational experience.

Here are just five stories from the A Plus archives that, like any mother's love for her son, have staying power:


1. This single mom dressed up like a "dad" for her child's father-son event.

When Whitney Kittrell's son asked her to attend his school's "dads and doughnuts" day because he considers her both his mom and his dad, this single mom couldn't refuse. She gathered some "dad" clothes and, though she was initially embarrassed, her son's smile made it all worthwhile. (Read more ... )

2. This mother shared her son's inspirational morning routine with the world.

Like most people, Lauren Cormier's 9-year-old son has his own morning routine — he names various little things he's looking forward to throughout the day. Inspired by her son's positive outlook and actions, Cormier shared his habit with those around them and her online community so everyone could learn from his example. (Read more ... )

3. This son celebrated his mother's memory with an unconventional tattoo.

When Thomas Resch lost his mother at just 21-years-old, he lost his best friend. Yet, while she might be gone, she's certainly not forgotten. Resch chose to immortalize his bond with his mother by getting a unique tattoo. Now, in a way, her heart will continue to beat alongside his. (Read more ... )

4. This parent's letter proves that the mother-son bond goes beyond genetics.

When one mother on Reddit was shamed for not being her son's biological parent, she wrote a letter that proves adoption does not negate the bond between mother and son. "Not every mother is a mother because she gave birth," she wrote. "Not every child is yours or a 'part of you' because you grew it inside of you. My child will always be a part of me, because we're fighting for this life together." (Read more...)

5. This mother's parenting approach promises to enhance her son's sense of self.

In an effort to teach her son about freedom, autonomy, and respect, Nisha Moodley always asks her son for permission to pick him up. Moodley wants to lay the groundwork for empowerment, as she wants her son to learn that his body belongs to him, no one else, and that no one can force him to do anything physical, and vice versa. (Read more...)

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