For 8 Years This Woman Has Been Trying To Get Pregnant But She Never Expected This

Family planning, eh?

Sometimes babies come unplanned. This couple proves that even planning can go totally unexpected.

Ashley and Tyson Gardner from Utah have been unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for eight years. In June 2014, they tried in-vitro fertilization. The couple had to undergo a series of procedures, Ashley being forced to take daily injections, ultrasounds and blood draws. 


Luckily enough, the fertilization was successful. But the true surprise was just ahead.

During her first ultrasound, Ashley and Tyson heard the the shocking truth. Both eggs that were implanted in Ashley's uterus have split, meaning... the couple is having quadruplets. This was the face of the lucky mom-to-be when she found out the news.

Now, Ashley is seventeen weeks pregnant with the quads. The couple has already found out the genders and, even more surprisingly, it's four girls on the way to this world. Ashley and Tyson says they already see their personalities forming with every ultrasound. 

"Baby A is sweet and likes to comfort baby B by rubbing her head! Baby D is so funny and does summer salts every time we try to look at her. She flips and flops everywhere! Baby C likes to just hang out and suck her thumb! They are the cutest little babies ever," the Gardners wrote on their Facebook page.

Watch this couple's full story captured in a short video:

To know more about the Gardner quadruplets, follow their Facebook page.

(H/T: Baby Center)

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