This Girl Called The Wrong Number And Accidentally Gave A Stranger The Perfect Christmas Gift

Sometimes, the best present is the one you never expect.

Sometimes, the best Christmas gift is the one that can't be wrapped. Instead, it may come in an unexpected package — like a phone call to the wrong number.


That's what happened when Jaileene Andrade, a 17-year-old girl, tried to call her mom's new phone number and accidentally called another mother. But the woman on the other end of the line wasn't annoyed by the misdial, she was thankful. 

According to Andrade's screenshot of a text message the anonymous woman sent following the phone call, the woman was overjoyed to hear someone say, "Hey, Mom," having lost her only daughter around the holidays. 

Andrade's phone call, the woman wrote, was "a great Christmas gift."

A Plus has blurred out the phone number in Andrade's screenshot to protect the privacy of its owner.  Twitter

After posting the screenshot to Twitter, Andrade received more than 300,000 likes and 80,000 retweets. The anonymous woman received something just as special. 

Because the woman's phone number was included in the screenshot, some other Twitter users sent her text messages wishing her a "Merry Christmas," as well as double-checking the veracity of Andrade's story. 

From their subsequent screenshots, the woman appears to not only be real but quite thankful for the kind words at this difficult time of year.

While technological difficulties may sometimes hinder connecting with others, they've also brought people together, especially around the holidays. 

So maybe it wasn't an accident after all. Maybe, just maybe, it was a modern day Christmas miracle. 

A Plus has reached out to Jaileene Andrade and the anonymous woman for comment. 


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