This Mother-Daughter 'Cinderella' Duet Will Inspire You To Do The Impossible

Their magical melody will start your day on the right note.

Your Monday morning is about to get a whole lot more magical, thanks to one enchanting mother-daughter duo.


On Wednesday, March 8, Juanita Bompart, a singer-songwriter and children's book author posted a magical duet between herself and her teenage daughter, Elizabeth Kathryn Bompart, to Twitter. Singing "Impossible" from Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella, the Bombarts nailed a pitch-perfect emulation of Whitney Houston (Fairy Godmother) and Brandy (Cinderella). 

Music is a "huge part" of the Bompart family's life, Juanita Bombart told The Huffington Post. "Growing up in a house around singing parents, Elizabeth sang as well from the time she could make sounds," she said. The melodic mother and daughter chose to record themselves singing "Impossible" because its positive message holds an irreplaceable place in their hearts. "It was the special remake with the first African-American Cinderella and Fairy Godmother... Again, proving that anything is possible!" Bompart explained. 

For the Bomparts, "anything" just happens to include becoming an instant internet sensation. In less than a week, the video has received more than 16,000 likes and 9,000 retweets. Even more impressive, it garnered over 94,000 views in a single day on the Because of Them We Can Facebook page.

Bompart expressed her gratitude for the overwhelmingly positive response to her and her daughter's duet on Twitter. She and Elizabeth aim to record and share more performance videos in the future. Currently, they've both written and recorded songs available on iTunes and Amazon. "Given the opportunity, we would sing and share beautiful music forever!" Bompart said. 

If the mother and daughter's past performance is any indication of what may come, that's one wish we can't wait for a social media-savvy fairy godmother to grant.

(H/T: The Huffington Post)


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