After Fleeing Civil War To Give Her Family A Better Life, This Mom Got To See Her Daughter Graduate From College

"Today you cried when you saw me in my robe. Did it for you ... "

The day a child graduates from college is often emotional for parents. No more so than for the mother of Ramla Tyrow, a Psychology and Counseling student at Middlesex University, who recently received her Bachelor of Science. 


In a video posted to Tyrow's Twitter on July 13, her mother burst into tears of joy upon seeing her daughter in a graduation gown with the caption, "Mama you ran from a civil war so I could be safe and get the education you didn't. Today you cried when you saw me in my robe. Did it for you😢 ." 

After the two embraced, Tyrow told A Plus her mother said, "All I want is for you to be happy and successful. education is the key I never had. Today you fulfilled your dreams, but [also] fulfilled mine."  

In less than a day, the heartwarming video has received nearly 70,000 likes and more than 26,000 retweets. Though Tyrow's mother "doesn't fully understand exactly what viral is," she is aware that a lot of people (more than she could have ever imagined) have not only seen it — but loved it. 

Many have congratulated Tyrow on her graduation, as well as applauded her mother for her strength in overcoming such "hardship" to reach this "lovely moment." 

Responding to one such response, Tyrow added, "My mother has become bulletproof whilst her heart remained golden through all the pain and sacrifice." 

Tyrow and her family emigrated from Somalia to the United Kingdom in 1999, escaping from the country's decades-long civil war. "Her life has always revolved around her children," she explained to A Plus. "... My relationship with my mother is nothing less than special ... Everything I do and am is because of her." 

Courtesy: Ramla Tyrow

As the eldest child of seven, Tyrow has always been her single mother's "right hand," helping her take care of her younger siblings. "... She felt as though I had changed her families [sic] destiny by being the first to graduate," she added. "It was extremely important for me to bring her to my graduation because ... the ceremony was for her to see my hard work, and see the young woman that she raised." 


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