Do You Know The Most Popular Slang Term Used In Your State? This Map Will Tell You.

This list is bomb.

Each state in the U.S. has its own oddities — be it food, locales, or how its residents speak. A new map, created by PlayNJ, highlights the most popular slang term in every state, and you betcha that we think that the end result is the bomb.


As for how the whole thing came together, the creators weren't dinks about it and decided to get er dun the best way they knew how. They looked at states from East Coast to over yonder on the West Coast — and, yes, even the ones kattywampus to the contiguous U.S. (hi, Alaska and Hawaii) — and followed a not-so-scientific way of finding out which slang term reigned supreme.

"Phrases and terms used on the Slang Map were compiled using a combination of survey results and data collected from sites such as and to give us at least four examples of slang from each state," a section outlining the methodology (aka how they get er dun) — a survey of 2,000 respondents with proportional numbers from each state — reads. 

The methodology section also notes that the more common slang terms, claimed by multiple states, can be found in the left of the "explore" tab.

We hope you're fixin' to sit back — enjoying a nice Awful Awful or perhaps even meat and three (j'eet yet?) — and learn about some interesting U.S. slang terms. After all, you're a Pork Queen and you deserve to pass a good time.

Check out the map here and find the corresponding slang word (and its definition) to each U.S. state in the list below:

Credit: PlayNJ


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