The 10 Most Popular Places To Propose, According To Instagram

Can you guess what landmark took the No. 1 spot?

Picking the perfect place to pop the question is no simple feat. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to a virtual reality experience center, to the stage of a ballet performance, we've seen people choose all kinds of unique locations to ask their significant other to spend forever with them. 

But there's also something to be said for classic locations. Asking someone to marry you can be a big, nerve-racking step. So, picking an iconic location with a landmark as your backdrop can be an excellent choice. 


The team over at the wedding planning website were interested in finding out the 10 most popular landmarks in the world to propose. They analyzed 10,000 hashtags on Instagram, such as #bridetobe and #engaged, to find out the answer.

"Our research bucks tradition and proves that people are being more creative than ever when it comes to choosing the location of their proposal," Sarah Allard, editor of, said in a statement. "You might have expected to see the likes of Big Ben, The Empire State Building and The Coca-Cola London Eye in the top 10 list, but it was Disney parks that stole the show and came out as some of the most popular places to propose at around the world."

Scroll through to see all the landmark locations that came out on top. 

10. Bondi Beach, Sydney: one in 2,000 proposals

Aleksandar Todorovic / 

9. Big Bear Lake, California: one in 1,666 proposals

 Bradley Allen Murrell / 

8. Walt Disney’s Epcot Park, Florida: one in 1,428 proposals

Robert Noel de Tilly / 

7. Niagara Falls, Ontario: 1 in 1,250 proposals

Roman Babakin / 

6. Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge, New York: in joint 6th place at one in 1,111

Songquan Dengmervas / 

5. The Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles: one in 1,000

Sean Pavone / 

4. Eiffel Tower, Paris: one in 679 proposals take place


3. Centennial Lakes Park, Minnesota: one in 625 proposals

Deyan G. Georgiev / 

2. Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Florida: one in 555 proposals

1. Disneyland, Paris: one in 500 proposals

Alliance / 

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