This Is The Most Popular Honeymoon Destination In Every U.S. State

Hint: It's somewhere warm.

While many couples picture their perfect wedding day, even more imagine their dream honeymoon. Or at the very least, spend an awful lot of time Googling it. 


By compiling the localized Google autocomplete results of honeymoon location searches, Brilliant Earth, an ethical jewelry company, discovered which one is the most-searched in each U.S. state. 

A Plus

Though the majority of the states are hoping to spend their honeymoon on a Hawaiian roller coaster ride, some notable others, such as Texas, Wisconsin, and Kentucky, think there's no place like home. After Hawaii, the second most popular destination was Las Vegas — with 11 states (including Hawaii) searching it. 

On the international level, Brilliant Earth found Italy was the most popular honeymoon destination, coming up as a top autocomplete result for 34 states. 

Still, wherever you and your loved one choose to go, what really matters is taking the time to be together. 


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