The Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations, According To Instagram

Where would you like to go?

A wedding is really just a party for your friends and family, but the real newlywed celebration happens during the honeymoon, where you get to splurge on a vacation, explore stunning destinations, relax, and have new adventures together. But where are some of the best places to do things like snorkel in clear blue water, try different cuisines, and sightsee? 

Wedding planning website analyzed over 8,000 Instagram posts that used the #honeymoon and #honeymooners hashtags to determine the top 35 honeymoon destinations around the world. They found some pretty interesting patterns. 

According to their data, the top four favorite countries for honeymooner are French Polynesia, Indonesia, Italy, and the Maldives. All of them appear twice in the top 10. 


In addition, many couples are looking to Mexico to bask in their marital bliss."It seems that Mexico wins the hearts of honeymooners everywhere as a whopping seven of the world's top 35 honeymoon destinations can be found here," according to Hitched's press release. "From Playa del Carmen to Tulum, Mexico is the firm favorite." 

So, which destinations made the top 10 list? Scroll through to find out. Then check out the top 35 on Hitched's interactive honeymoon map here

10. Faanui, French Polynesia

9. Mahibadhoo, Maldives

8. Singapore, Republic of Singapore

7. Vaitape, French Polynesia

6. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

5. Ban Bang Bao, Thailand

4. Teluk Nara, Indonesia

4. Rome, Italy

4. Magoodhoo, Maldives

3. Amalfi Coast, Italy

2. Kuta, Indonesia

1. New York, USA

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