These Are The 10 Most Popular Drinks To Order On A First Date, Survey Says

Did your favorite make the list?

When deciding where to go and what to do on a first date, nearly three-quarters of daters (73 percent) opt for grabbing drinks. According to a recent study from dating site Zoosk, many choose drinks over a traditional dinner date because it's an "easy and less formal" interaction that can help singles relax and open up in conversation. Keeping it simple allows singletons to focus on asking thoughtful first date questions so they can learn about each other and make a good first impression. 


Even after you've picked the perfect time and place to meet, you still need to decide what drink you're going to order once you get there. Though it's a small part of the date, your drink order is one of the first things your date learns about you and can even help break the ice. After all, what you drink, alcoholic or not, is a reflection of your personal tastes, so it's important to choose one that makes you feel good ... even in the slightly uncomfortable situation that is a first date. 

Having a go-to drink order can help put your mind at ease so you can focus on making a romantic connection, but if you need a little help deciding, these are the 10 most popular drinks to order on first date

A Plus 

Beer and wine were the big winners, coming in first and second for both men and women. Interestingly, these top two first date drinks — beer for men and wine for women —  were preferred by an overwhelming majority (62 percent) of survey respondents. When it comes to cocktails, however, the margarita reigns supreme, with 29 percent of women and 23 percent of men opting for the tequila and lime-infused drink. 

For non-alcoholic beverages, daters prefer coffee over tea, with 26 percent of both women and men getting their caffeine fix that way. 

Interestingly, the four least popular drinks for men didn't even make the cut for women, and vice versa. A gin and tonic came in last for men with 9 percent, while just 10 percent of women chose a daiquiri. 

So when in doubt, beer and wine are always a safe choice, but ultimately, when it comes to first dates — and the drinks we enjoy on them — there's no accounting for taste. We like what we like, so cheers to that.  

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