The 10 Most Popular American Cities People Are Moving To In 2018

Did your city make the list?

New year, new city. 2018 has only just begun, but many people are already thinking about making moves this year. Real estate and rental marketplace Zillow released a new report revealing the hottest housing markets for Americans in 2018, and the trendiest places people are settling down in might surprise you. The list includes technology hotspots, such as San Jose, Calif. as well as charming southern cities, such as Charlotte, N.C.

"The U.S. housing market is hot, with more than half (52.6 percent) of all homes nationwide worth as much or more than they were at the peak of the national housing boom in April 2007," Lauren Bretz, a data scientist at Zillow, wrote. "Some markets, though, have proven hotter than others – kept at a boil by healthy income growth, abundant job opportunities and above-average housing appreciation." 


To determine the top 10 housing markets for 2018, researchers looked at area with quickly rising home values and rental prices, low unemployment rates, steady income growth, and strong job opportunities with lots of people moving to the area. 

Gone are the days where people set their sights on New York City or Los Angeles. More and more people are looking to live in more affordable and less densely populated cities filled with art, culture, delicious cuisine, and bustling nightlife. Who could blame them? 

Scroll through to see the top 10 cities. 

10. Dallas, Texas

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9. Portland, Oregon

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8. Nashville, Tennessee

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7. Denver, Colorado

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6. Austin, Texas

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5. San Francisco, California

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4. Charlotte, North Carolina

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3. Seattle, Washington

2. Raleigh, North Carolina

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1. San Jose, California

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