The Most Liked Photos On Instagram In 2015 Sum Up Our Interests Perfectly — Taylor Swift And Cats

So photogenic!

While we come to the end of 2015, we have the only year-end list you'll need.


The most liked Instagram photos!

OK, while there might be other important year-end lists such as which Nicki Minaj outfit we liked best, this is definitely a good start.

Besides, social media rules everything around us, right?

10. Kendall Jenner reaches 20 million followers and thanks her fans with a selfie.

9. Taylor Swift woke up like that... with her cat Meredith.

8. Meredith is clearly the most photogenic cat on Instagram.

7. Selena Gomez's sweater is better than yours, mainly because it has 2.3 million likes. Sorry favorite sweaters everywhere.

6. Meredith still slayin' the gram with her cuteness.

5. Baby Blue at 11 months is just baby perfection.

4. 2.3 million people never liked our diploma photos. We'll take the L's on this one.

3. Thank you Taylor for connecting Scotland and America once and for all.

2. When Kanye sends you flowers, it's bound to get 2.6 million Likes. So suave Ye'.

1. Winning with hair hearts. 3.6 million people agree.


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