These Are The Foods People Dislike The Most In Each U.S. State

Apparently, people in New Hampshire are not interested in sipping on expensive cocktails.

Not a fan of licorice? You'd be in good company in Florida. Prefer to pass on the last bite of a hot dog? Many people in Missouri would agree with you. You know how we know? The dating app Hater has made a handy map that showcases the foods people hate most in every state in the U.S. 

Hater matches people based on their shared hatred of a variety of harmless topics such as Seinfeld, spinning classes, and tuna salad. Users on the app swipe through these innocuous topics and identify whether they "love," "hate," "like," or "dislike" each one. Then, the app will match them up with people who had similar responses. 

The idea may be a good one for finding a significant other you jive with considering researchers at the University of Oklahoma conducted a study that found bonding by sharing negative attitudes is particularly effective as compared to sharing positive attitudes. 


Hater has collected data from hundreds of thousands of their users in the U.S. on their preferences for certain topics and used it to create a few telling maps. For their food-related one, they pulled information for all the food topics they've asked their users about and determined which ones people in each state hate most. 

For example, people in various states seem to feel strongly about the way they like their pizza. People in Michigan hate eating it cold, people in Delaware loathe Hawaiian pizza, and New Yorkers don't want ranch anywhere near their slices. 

To see what other foods people in each state can't stand, check out the map below.

Courtesy of HATER


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