These Are The Most Popular Thanksgiving Dishes In Your State, According To Google

How does your home compare?

If you're still searching for the perfect recipe to serve at Thanksgiving, you're not alone. In fact, you're in well-Googled company. 

Using data from the past three Novembers, the search engine found the most uniquely searched side dish in each state. While we applaud the states who consider pecan pie a side dish (here's looking at you Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico), the majority of Americans crave some form of sweet potatoes to go with their turkey. 


Check out the full results mapped out state-by-state below:

Graphic Credit: Emma Kapotes

When it's time for dessert, most families serve up a big slice of pumpkin pie. That was the most-searched pie by in a majority of states (27). Sweet potato pie wasn't far behind though, with 16 states preferring that, especially in the sweet tea-loving South. 

Only one state went a completely different — but nonetheless delicious — route with their dessert choice: Maine opting for chocolate cream pie.

 Check out all the yummy desserts from sea to shining sea below: 

Graphic Credit: Emma Kapotes

Of course, no matter what Thanksgiving side dishes or dessert are most popular in your state, the most important part of the holiday is the family and friends gathered around the table to enjoy them. 

(H/T: HuffPost)


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