This Guy Has Great News For His Fans

Funniest. Guy. On. Facebook.

When an actor gets cast in a new movie or TV pilot, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline and Variety have the story. Headlines will make announcements like, "Alec Baldwin Plots TV Return As NYC Mayor In HBO Series," or "Screenwriter-Director Allison Burnett Signs With Paradigm." (Paradigm is a talent agency.)

These news outlets are like the Gossip Girl of the entertainment industry, but they also serve one more, very important purpose: They're the metric for determining whether or not an actor, writer or director has "arrived."

Ben Siemon is a comedy writer for a show on Ora TV called "Tiny Tiny Talk Show" and an improvisational actor based in Los Angeles. Sure, he's had his fair share of successes, but apparently none have been worthy of a big shout out in the "trades."



That wasn’t just a fun gag he made for his friends. HE POSTED IT TO FACEBOOK AND IT GOT HUNDREDS OF “LIKES!”

He quickly became an overnight sensation and, eventually, EVERYONE WAS TALKING ABOUT HIM!

His career was moving so fast that all of the top Hollywood agencies wanted a piece.

Of course, he posted all of these announcements to Facebook. 

"There's a strange element to posting stories about yourself," Ben explained to A+. "It's a little braggy and self-indulgent, but at the same time, any instance I have something to post about myself I do it in a second!"

Finally, his biggest dream came true:

As you can probably tell, these headlines weren't real. Ben made them himself as self-deprecating jokes. 

"I started with the post 'Variety Confirms We Have No Idea Who Ben Siemon Is,' in reaction to an article about a friend in Variety getting some kind of big deal," he said. "I thought it would be funny to make a fake story about how I wasn't succeeding, since people rarely post about that."

"I think we all get a little fatigued from reading about how great other people are doing," Ben said. "And there's something comforting about people sharing that not everything is going perfect all the time."

Maybe one day Ben will get to post that real headline he deserves. But in the meantime, here are some exciting updates on his progress:

No, but really, watch his work on Tiny Tiny Talk Show. It's a late night talk show with a tiny desk and a tiny chair — and features the masterful writing of a hilarious up-and-comer named Ben Siemon.


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