These Are The Most Expensive Things Ever


1. Most Expensive Toilet Paper


What is it? Toilet Paper Man's roll is covered in 24 carat gold flakes.

How much? $1.3 million

2. Most Expensive Joint

What is it? Shine rolling papers made out of 24k edible gold, and Top Shelf and Isla O.G. cannabis.

How much is it? $800 per ounce, $10 per rolling paper 

"This is like the caviar of joints." — 2 Chainz 

3. Most Expensive Body Part

What is it? Mariah Carey's legs

How much: Her legs are insured for $1 billion.

4. Most Expensive Pack of Condoms

What is it? A 36 pack of condoms in Venezuela is super expensive due to the scarcity of the product.  

How much? $755 per pack

5. Most Expensive Coffin

What is it? Zsa Zsa Gabor's pure 24k gold casket (even though she's not yet passed). 

How much? $40,000

6. Most Expensive Toothbrush

What is it? A toothbrush made from titanium, with an antibacterial coating and replaceable bristles.

How much? $5,000

7. Most Expensive Dog

What is it: Tibetan Mastiff puppy

How much: $2 million

8. Most Expensive Nail Polish

What is it: Azature's Black Diamond Nail Polish 

How much: $250,000

9. World's Most Expensive Burger

What is it? Burger from Honky Tonk restaurant in Chelsea, New York

How much? $2,000 

10. Most Expensive Toilet

What is it? International space station toilet

How much? $19 million 

11. Most Expensive Skateboard

What is it? NYC-based designer Matt Willet and SHUT Skateboards' pure gold coated skateboard 

How much? $15,000

12. Most Expensive Grilled Cheese Sandwich

What is it? Serendipity 3, in New York City's "The Quintessential Grilled Cheese Sandwich"

How much?  $214

13. Most Expensive (Looking) Cake

What is it? 24 carrot cake — a carrot cake made with 24 baby carrots and edible gold leaf by Instructables

How much? Priceless (but not actually very expensive)  

14. Most Expensive Home

What is it? A home in Antilia, Mumbai, India 

How much? $1 billion+

15. Most Expensive Sneakers

What is it? Nike SB Flom Dunk High

How much? $7,500 

16. Most Expensive Cocktail

What is it? Bartender Joel Heffernan made the "Winston" with 150-year-old Cognac. 

How much? $13,000

17. Most Expensive Underwear

What is it? Victoria's Secret Millennium Bra

How much? $10 million

18. Most Expensive Toenail Clipper

What is it? The Kai Toenail Clipper from Klhip 

How much? $130

19. Most Expensive Music Video

What is it? Michael and Janet Jackson's "Scream"

How much? $7 million 

20. Most Expensive Video Game

What is it? "Gamma Attack" (Atari 2600) 

How much? $20,000 to $50,000 

21. Most Expensive Piano

What is it? This Crystal Grand Piano by Heintzman

How much? $3.22 million


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