The 10 Most Giving Cities In America All Have One Thing In Common

Is yours on the list?

If Mother Theresa was correct that "charity and love are the same," then these cities must be home to some very big hearts.

Last week, Charity Navigator released its 12th annual national study to compare the median performance and size of the largest nonprofits in the 30 largest metropolitan markets. For the second straight year, the charity watchdog organization ranked Houston as the most giving city in America. The study's findings also compared nonprofit growth in each city, relative financial security, market size and the proportion of charities within the city that had written donor privacy policies. The resulting list was fascinatingly diverse.

Still, all of these locales have one thing in common: none would have made it to this list if not for the incredible nonprofit organizations that call them home, and the dedication and hard work of their staff and volunteers.

Here are the top 10 most charitable cities in the United States, paired with some of the highest rated local charities by Charity Navigator. Check them out — they might just be exactly what you were looking for.


10. Cleveland

9. Baltimore

8. Phoenix

7. Miami

6. Minneapolis/St. Paul

4. San Diego (tie)

4. Dallas (tie)

Top-rated charities include United Way of Denton County, The Women's Center, and Lamb & Lion Ministries.

3. Tampa/St. Petersburg

2. St. Louis

1. Houston

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