People With Hearing Impairments Share The Questions They're Sick Of Being Asked

Let's clear up some of these common misconceptions and harmful stereotypes.

"Do deaf people actually have sex? Can you drive? Do you need a wheelchair?" These are just a few of the questions people who have hearing impairments are sick of being asked. 

In a video for Cut, several deaf people shared the things people ask them that annoy them the most. Many of these questions are straight up offensive, so let's clear some of them up right now. Yes, they can date anyone. Being unable to hear does not affect their ability to have a relationship with any man or women regardless of that person's hearing ability. 


They can do anything except hear. So yes, they can have sex, drive, read, write, and work. 

And no, just because they have a hearing disability doesn't mean they have other disabilities. "People do ask me if I need a wheelchair, like at the airport," one man explained. "Like hello! I'm standing in front of you. I just can't hear." 

And no, sign languages are not universal. Most people with hearing impairments use a sign language that's unique to their country or community. So, American Sign Language is different than French Sign Language. In fact, even though the U.S. and the U.K. are English-speaking countries, British Sign Language and American Sign Language are very different languages. Just like there's no universal language for people who can hear, there's no universal sign language. 

The team at Cut did end up asking a question at least one woman revealed she was sick of: "Do you wish you could hear?"

To hear their various answers to that question, watch the video below:


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