Grandparents Erupt With Shrieks Of Joy During This Pregnancy Announcement

"The excitement and love that filled the room ..."

Morgan Hill took fertility treatments when she and her partner had their first son, so when they were ready to try for a second child, they started the treatments again. After two months of trying, they took a break before resuming for another month. 

In a post on the Love What Matters Facebook page, Hill explained that prior to the first ultrasound, she felt deeply exhausted and had never experienced something so intense before. She mentioned to her husband a few times, "What if there are two in there?" but he laughed it off.


Then, at the ultrasound appointment, they found out they were having twins.

"All three of us (myself, my husband, and my son) got settled in and ready for the ultrasound. The ultrasound tech swiped across my stomach once, then twice. Then a third time," Hill wrote. "My husband was engrossed in a video on his phone with my son, but I saw it. Two babies. I saw two babies."

The Hills were excited to surprise the soon-to-be grandparents with the big news, even though they live five hours away. 

So, they waited until their son's second birthday.

After eating, Hill and her husband revealed they had something awesome to announce. Next, they passed a brown paper bag out to each grandparent..

The first bag Hill's father-in-law held had a card that read "Guess What?"

Then, her mother-in-law had a bag that read, "I'm going to be a big brother." 

The family was surprised, but expected the announcement that was coming next.

Hill's mom's card read, "'Mama's due with Baby #2."

But the real surprise was when Hill's dad opened the last bag with a note that read "... And Baby #3!"

Everyone erupted into shrieks of joy. Hill wrote, "The excitement and love that filled the room was more than enough to squash our fears and insecurities about this pregnancy. We knew right then, we can do this!"

Cover image via Kristina Bessolova I Shutterstock


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