Morgan Freeman Is Now a GPS Voice Because 'God' Loves Us and Wants Us to Be Happy

Making a left turn has never felt so right.

All your GPS-related prayers have finally been answered ... by the voice of "God" himself.

Morgan Freeman can now give you directions — on the road and in life — as a voice on Google's free navigation app, Waze

After years of hoping, dreaming, and making parody YouTube videos, the world will finally get to experience the vocal magic that is Morgan Freeman "recalculating" after missing an exit.


This voice feature isn't just the best thing that's happened to driving since satellite radio. It's part of a marketing campaign promoting Freeman's upcoming film, London Has Fallen (Olympus Has Fallen's sequel). Because Freeman plays the vice president in it, his GPS voice speaks to you as if you're the president. 

While it might not be the soothing-but-firm voice of God everyone could use during a hectic morning commute, any Morgan Freeman GPS voice is better than none at all. 

You can even start driving to the gentle tones of Freeman today. The voice feature is available under "Sound" in the Waze app. 


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