Watch Morgan Freeman Hilariously Narrate The Life Of An Unsuspecting Pedestrian

"When I first saw the bald man, shirt buttoned up all the way to the top, I didn't think too much of him."

Morgan Freeman is a celebrated actor with many incredibly impressive accomplishments, but the best one may be having the most distinguished and distinctive voice in Hollywood. He did play God, after all. He's done narration and voiceover work for numerous feature films, short films, documentaries, TV shows, and advertisements. 

So, of course, Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be a grand idea to have him do some narration during Freeman's visit to his show. Kimmel's team put a camera out on Hollywood Boulevard and Freeman was tasked with narrating the life of an unsuspecting pedestrian. 

Check it out in the video below: 


This actually isn't the first time Kimmel asked Freeman to play this game. When he visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! back in March, a man and his selfie stick got the narration treatment. 

You can watch that segment below: 

Now, can he narrate our lives, too?


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