Can You See This Person? Because More Than 30 Percent Of Drivers In Russia Don't.

This is so important.

Moment of truth. Have you ever tried to park your car in a spot reserved for people with disabilities?


No? Then you're doing the right thing.

However, some able-bodied drivers continue to park their vehicles illegally in accessible parking spaces. In fact, nonprofit organization Dislife estimates that around 30 percent of drivers in Russia don't pay attention to the signs and park their cars wherever they please.

To raise awareness and encourage positive change, Dislife developed a powerful new campaign called "More Than A Sign."

The campaign used innovative technology to project a holographic image of a person in a wheelchair in place of the accessible parking sign.

With the help of speakers, the hologram reminded the drivers that they were taking the spot from real people who needed it.

"Parking signs mean nothing for many drivers in Russia. They prefer to forget about the people 'behind them.' That is what we are fighting with in this project," said Yuri Kovalev, the founder of Dislife.

The campaign took place in shopping malls and business centers in Moscow. Dislife hopes that it will strike a chord with local drivers and encourage them to respect the rights of people with disabilities. 

Watch the video below to see how it all unfolded.

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