These 12 Science Gifs Are Absolutely Awesome

Sit back and prepare to be amazed.

Really cool science experiments have the ability to spark a childlike sense of wonder in any adult, regardless of the level of training.


While it's important for scientists to know why certain reactions happen the way they do, sometimes it's really nice to just sit back and let chemistry and physics astound you.

1. When it comes down to laser vs. balloon, the laser wins.

2. The fractals of artificial blood vessels almost seem otherworldly.

3. Watching different metal salts burn in different colors is an incredible rainbow of awesome.

4. This delicate flower was frozen in liquid nitrogen and it still looks beautiful as it's shattered into a million pieces.

5. Electricity + glass = lightning forever captured as a Lichtenberg figure.

6. Molten aluminum poured into an anthill shows the beautiful hidden structure.

7. This is why you never, ever, ever pour water on a grease fire.

8. This guy's hand gets 'frozen' in sodium acetate trihydrate, also known as 'hot ice.'

9. Note to self: gummy bears and potassium chlorate don't mix.

10. When iodine and aluminum are combined with water, the result looks magical.

11. This is what happens when liquid nitrogen meets two garbage bags full of Ping-Pong balls.

12. Silver crystals growing on copper is the most gorgeous process you'll see all day.

[H/T: Imgur user XZorbys]


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