This Zebra Crossing In Norway Makes People Act Weird, But Wait Till You See Why

Mischief managed.

If you don't remember this, you're either too young or... too young. Back in the day, the members of Monty Python were widely recognized as the kings of comedy.


But some people refuse to let memories of the legendary comedy group's performances fade away. The Monty Python fan base in the small town of Ørje, Norway is apparently particularly dedicated.

Last year, a new traffic sign popped up near an Ørje crosswalk and got the entire town cheering. The sign features an illustration inspired by the classic Monty Python sketch "The Ministry of Silly Walks," and was installed by local prank group Kreativiteket.

The new crossing invites people to use their imagination, walk silly and make time for a little bit of mischief in their everyday routine.

Its installation caused a positive stir in the community. According to the members of Kreativiteket, locals were sharing photos of the sign on social media and filming each other. Even the town's drivers got on board with the initiative. 

This video shows the power this new sign had on Norwegians. Watch it and maybe you'll feel it too.

As the video points out, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration was not as amused by the prank. One of its representatives told Norwegian news organization NRK that it's not legal to use artistic signs that can be easily confused with public signs. 

Kreativiteket apparently has the local government on its side, though, so everything will probably be fine.

The mayor even suggested that the NPRA should buy more of these "silly walk" signs and spread them across the country. What a cool person!

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