A 92-Year-Old Was ‘Causing A Disturbance’ At A Bank, So Police Headed To The DMV To Solve The Problem

"He thanked Officer Josett and went on his way."

When a 92-year-old man went to withdraw money from his local Bank of America in California, he was unable to because his state-issued identification card was expired. Per the bank's policy, it wouldn't be able to fulfill his request because of the expired ID.

The nonagenarian was upset about the experience and the police were called for the patron allegedly "causing a disturbance."

When the officers arrived and assessed the situation, they decided on the best course of action.


Officer Robert Josett decided to take the man to the DMV to help him renew his identification card.

The Montebello Police Department shared the story on its Facebook page and explained that with the assistance of the Department of Motor Vehicles, the 92-year-old was able to get his I.D. renewed. Officer Josett then escorted him back to the bank, where he was able to withdraw money from his account. 

After completing the transaction, the Montebello Police Department wrote, "He thanked Officer Josett and went on his way."

The post included a photo of Officer Josett escorting the man, and the thoughtful story and image have since gone viral.

The post has been shared more than 38,00 times as of October 3.

One commenter said, "We need more kindness in the world!!!"

Another wrote, "We often hear only bad news of officers, we can't judge everyone the same, Officer Robert Josett thank you so much for helping this elderly man, it could have been my father, or grandfather. God Bless you ... and thank you for your service."

(H/T: Scary Mommy)


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