10 Adorable Illustrations That Will Make You Rethink The Monster Struggle

It's hard out there.

Illustrator Teo Zirinis, the artist behind Hands Off My Dinosaur, has a lot of sympathy for monsters. They've got some pretty tough problems, and he totally gets it. In his delightful series documenting the monster problems we don't always consider, Zirinis makes us want to be a lot nicer to our local monster. They have struggles, just like we do. Maybe we'll even invite one over for dinner this weekend, who knows?


1. Poor Nessie.

2. Kraken just wants to say hello.

3. Medusa is yearning for a wash and trim.

4. We've been there, King Kong.

5. Hydras are not cheap.

6. It's OK, we kinda think fire's fun too.

7. Baristas never get Cthulhu right.

8. Cyclopses should get a discount.

9. He does have a point...

10. Minotaur just needs a GPS.


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