He Made His Wife A Custom Monopoly Board With One Special Catch

Here's one you haven't seen before.

There are many ways to ask someone to marry you, but has anyone ever thought of creating an entire monopoly game to pop the big question?

We certainly have never seen it, and our hats go off to Justin Lebon and his lovely wife.


First, Justin set off by creating the board from some old redwood.

He also had the help of a man by the name of Mark Becker.

He then created his own pieces and spaces based on real life places the couple visited. He also included their hometown streets.

They also met on Match.com, so he was sure to include a spot on the board for that as well.

The finished product came out looking amazing!

Even the cat wants to play.

On Christmas, Justin wrapped up the gift to give to his wife Michal, but he still had some surprises as to how all of this would actually work.

Upon opening the gift, his wife let out a loud, "it's about usssss!!!!" before realizing everything that was about to happen.

So, he lifted the lid and they began to play.

Here's where the surprises start happening.

The dice above are actually loaded, so Michal automatically rolls a "7" to land on the "Chance" space. That's because there was a special card waiting for Michal...

As Justin recounted in his Imgur post, his plan went too perfectly.

Michal rolled the dice and screamed out, "Ooh a Seven! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7! Ooh, Chance!..."

She wasn't sure if it was all real, so Justin told her to read the rest of the card.

When she made it to the "Luxury Tax" space, Justin handed her a special key to unlock the hidden surprise underneath.

Yep! Under the space was her wedding ring. Needless to say, she said "Yes."

Congrats to the lovely couple. You have outdone us all Justin.

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