Puppies Snuggle With A Little Monkey Who Enjoys Petting Them

It's almost like watching a little kid.



Just seeing the little monkey on his own would have been adorable enough. The same goes for the puppies. Mix them both together and it's enough to fill your cute quota for the week. 

At first we thought he was just preening the puppies the way primates do when they're trying to clean each other. And in fairness, there was a bit of that. For the most part though, he was petting, kissing and snuggling the pups.

As a capuchin monkey, he would be accustomed to living with a group of 10 to 25 monkeys. Instead of hanging out in a dog pen, he'd be hanging from a tree and mostly only coming down for water. 

Watching how affectionate he is reminds us how similar they are to humans. They're very clever and easy to train. Unfortunately, this makes them targets for people who want to use them as pets or for street entertainment. 

One thing capuchin monkeys have going in their favor is their adaptability to new habitats and high reproductive rate. It basically means that deforestation doesn't impact them as much as some other species. 

There are plenty of serious reasons why monkeys should never be pets, but if you're looking for a dog or puppy like the ones in the video there are about 3.9 million of them up for adoption. You can search for one at your local shelter. 

Watch him monkeying around with the puppies in the video below.

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