7 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Money You Owe

I.O.U. money.

It's always an uncomfortable topic to discuss with family and friends, but it's very common for people to owe money or have money owed to them by someone close. PayPal just released a Money Habits Study that reveals how people feel about borrowing money or getting paid back. The study was conducted online with over 4,000 participants ages 18-55 from the U.S., Canada, Germany and Australia.

Here are 7 findings about money owed from this study that might surprise:


1. Globally, more than 73 percent of respondents would rather be unpaid lenders than debtors who don't pay.

2. Americans, Canadians and Germans are typically owed around $450 each. It's over $700 for Australians.

3. 35 percent of Americans had relationships ruined as a result of one person owing the other money.

4. 58 percent of Americans are embarrassed if they need to ask a friend to spot them some cash.

5. Over 77 percent of Americans feel that peer-to-peer paying is easier and saves time, even though only 26 percent of them actually use it.

6. 69 percent of Americans still prefer getting paid back in cash to using peer-to-peer technology.

7. The study estimates that people in those four countries are owed over $51 Billion.

(H/T: BusinessWire)


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