Artists Drop Over A Million 'Dollars' Around New York City To Make An Incredibly Powerful Point

It's not what you think.

As the presidential candidates gear up for the upcoming 2016 election, millions of dollars will be poured into their campaigns. From TV ads to travel expenses to donations from big-time lobbyists, it's no secret that running for president costs big bucks. 

How big exactly? Well, according to The Huffington Post, the 2012 presidential election ran up a $2 billion tab. And the number is expected to rise — as it's done in the past — this next election. 

While many may shrug and consent that that's just how the game is played, others are speaking out against the spending, including NYC-based artists Saint Hoax and Digital Devotion.

Last Thursday, they "dropped" the faux cash around New York City and filmed peoples' responses. Of course the bystanders picked up the money, but it was their reactions to reading the back of the bills that says it all. The point: this money could actually go to more useful places, such as helping the homeless. 

Per a 2014 report, 578,424 American people are homeless on any given night.

"Think of 'Money Down the Drain' as a campaign against senseless campaigning. What better way to spread the message than through money. It takes people less than 10 seconds to notice the dollars thrown on the streets," Saint Hoax told A Plus in an email.


So they used their art skills to design 'dollar bills' with the candidates' faces.

And filmed as people reached for the money ...

Only to be met with the jarring truth ...

Hoax told A Plus that while some people just put the money in their back pocket without a second look, the message on the back of the $10,000 fake dollars people picked up were well-received.

"We're not telling people what they should or shouldn't do with their money," Hoax said. "This is more of an art critique/awareness campaign that hopes to show people that their money is going down the drain."

They plan to hit D.C. with these wads of truth next.

Watch the full video below:


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