These Moms Had Insecurities About Their Bodies. So They Tried On Swimsuits To Help Fix That.

"I'm done hiding."

With thousands of styles, colors, shapes, and fits to choose from, finding the right swimsuit can be an arduous process. But style choices aside, for many women the real trouble begins with how they feel about their bodies in a bathing suit 

In a new video for BuzzFeed, stylist and body confidence coach Tiffany Reese shows a group of mothers that simply breaking out of their swimsuit comfort zone can help them see themselves in a new positive light.

"Everyone is generally thinking so much about how they feel about themselves they're not typically looking at other people. We're concentrating on things that we don't like about ourselves that other people might not ever even notice," Reese says.


In the video, the mothers open up about their body images and insecurities. Jill, pregnant with her fourth child, says that though she tries to stay positive about her self-image in order to be a good role model, she's not entirely happy with herself. 

And Allie, a young mother of an 18-month-old, says that when she's surrounded by her friends at pool parties, she feels self-conscious about her body.

"I don't want to be around a bunch of people. My boobs don't stay up like they used to. All things that [I] used to be super confident [about] and favorite parts of yourself are so different," Allie says. 

But through these swimsuit makeovers, the women discover they can confidently rock what they've got. 

After the women try on bathing suits they probably wouldn't have otherwise picked, they are all pleasantly surprised. 

"I would not ever choose this from the rack, but I think I look cute as fuck," Brigid says in her bathing suit.

Reese recommends really trying on a lot of suits to find the one you're most comfortable in.

"I didn't want to be noticed, and this is much more of a 'notice me' suit," Brigid says at the end of the video, standing in a swimsuit she loves. "I'm done hiding."

To watch the full swimsuit makeover, check out the video below:


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