These Women Let Their Mothers Style Their Hair, And The Results Were... Interesting

Things get a little hairy.

Would you let your mom cut or style your hair? Most would be too afraid to even entertain the idea, because, as we all know not every mom is the most stylish. 

But a few woman decided to take the leap in a BuzzFeed video where they let their moms take the hairy reigns. 

First their mothers were asked if they like their daughters' hair.


They definitely weren't afraid to share their opinions...

...and offer suggestions on how to make it better.

To help make these mothers' dreams a reality, hair stylist and YouTuber, Kayley Melissa, was there to guide the process. Melissa then took the mothers' style tips and applied them to their daughters. 

The results weren't that bad...

Though some were better than others.

Would you let your mom style your hair? 

(H/T: Design Taxi

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