Moms Have Hilarious Response To A Parent's Tirade Against Morning Coffee

"Some things are off limits ... like my morning coffee."

For many parents and teachers, the day doesn't start until they've had their first cup of coffee. While most value their favorite brew for its potent ability to give them that necessary boost, coffee offers an array of health benefits that make it even more magical. Yet, despite the fact that this popular drink carries worldwide appeal, one anonymous parent couldn't help but berate their fellow parents for indulging that morning craving during school drop-offs each day.

Last week, an administrator of the Sanctimommy Facebook page posted the rant of an unidentified user, in which the individual chastised parents and teachers at their kids' school for having their beloved cup in hand as they went about their daily routine.

"What is with this? Drop kids off at school, slopping your coffee (in a take-out cup, so it didn't come from your home) all over, while you drag the poor child by the hand growling they will be late if they don't move along..." the ranter raged. "But you had to stop for that coffee? Really?"

"[There are] tons of excuses, but let's be real here, 15 more minutes you could wait ... Leave 15 minutes earlier if it is that critical you must buy coffee," they continued. "Yes, many need their coffee ... But give me a break. What kind of example are we setting for the kids that see adults every day, adults everywhere, with a cup in their hand."

But, as the page administrator notes, "Some things are off limits ... like my morning coffee."


Fellow group members — both mothers and teachers — were quick to respond to this written attack on their daily rituals. With a dash of humor and a pinch of sarcasm, these women did not hold back. Many rely upon their morning coffee to start the day off right and no amount of public shaming could possibly deter these strong, snarky ladies from enjoying every single sip.

Let's face it — people love coffee. That's why it's the most popular drink in America, after all. You can verbally attack the caffeinated if you wish, but you best expect a response that's dark and robust — much like their beverage of choice.

Cover image via Liderina / Shutterstock


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