Moms Try To Recreate Their Daughters' Selfies. Not All Daughters Are Impressed, To Say The Least.

Moms being moms.

Let's just be honest for a sec. We tend to get pretty opinionated when it comes to the way our parents use social media. Because we know how to use it better, right? But do we really?

Elite Daily teamed up with T-Mobile to put things into perspective, asking a whole bunch of moms to recreate their daughters' selfies.

"Adults and technology — classic fodder for generation-gap humor. But let's take a step back for a minute," it says on Elite Daily's YouTube description. "Your Mom might write paragraphs to her friends in the comments section on Facebook, but you take selfies. Let's just think about that," 


First thing's first: Moms picked selfies of their daughters to recreate.

Oh boy, did these moms work hard to imitate their daughters' looks.

And when their daughters received a text with the finished product.... Let's just say, the opinions were mixed.

"WTF, mom."

"Oh god, mom."

"What are you doing, mom?!"

Well, at least someone appreciated the effort.

Watch the entire video below:


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