How A Group Of Moms Responded When One Of Their Own Was Shamed For Breastfeeding


A protest featuring dozens of breastfeeding mothers at an Australian mall began after one mom was reportedly told a few days earlier that she could not breastfeed at the food court.

"I'm not normally the type of person who feeds uncovered," Luci White told local news source the Bendigo Advertiser. "And the one time I do, I'm ridiculed and asked to leave a public place."

Last week, White was breastfeeding her child at the Bendigo Marketplace when an older gentleman told her, "You can't do it in public, it's inappropriate," according to the Bendigo Advertiser. She said an employee with the mall told her to relocate to the mother's room.

"I was really upset because once he was removed from my breast he was hysteric and was like that for 45 minutes, it was really distressing for me," White told local station 7 News.

In Australia, discrimination against a woman for breastfeeding is illegal.

White's friends on Facebook were reportedly "disgusted and appalled" at the actions of the employee. Michelle Van Zyl, a friend of White, organized a mass breastfeeding protest called "Boobs for Babies" at the mall and created a Facebook event for it.

"Boobs for babies is a mass breastfeeding protest in support of mums having the freedom to feed their babies (be it breast or bottle) whenever and wherever they need to and not be shamed or humiliated for doing so," the event's description reads.


On Thursday, dozens of mothers attended the sit-in peaceful protest at the Bendigo Marketplace and it gained international attention.

"Breastfeeding mums will not be made to feel bad about feeding their hungry babies wherever they darn well need to," Van Zyl wrote on the Facebook page for the event.

It looks like the "Boobs for Babies" protest worked because the Bendigo Marketplace apologized to White and said that it will make sure the incident never occurs again in its facility.

"We regret that a member of our community experienced any discomfort or embarrassment while shopping with us and we apologize to the mother concerned," the mall said in a statement to the Bendigo Advertiser.


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