She Stopped Creating Art After Becoming A Mother, Until She Realized Her Daughter Could Be A Part Of Her Work

"I created my daughter and she inspired me to create this."

From a family photo project that involves dressing in matching outfits, to producing one parenting drawing a day for 100 days, to recreating scenes from their favorite films together, parents all over have used creative projects as a way to bond with their kids. And, sometimes kids can be the perfect anecdote to artist's block

Mom and teacher Krinzal Chauhan loved to create art as a hobby, but stopped  producing work after her now 1-year-old daughter, Shanaya, was born. 

"I love to paint, color, scribble, sketch — basically 'create' — as it helps me to unwind," Chauhan told A Plus. "Right after having my baby, I would neither work nor chase my hobby. It was a different experience, though I did cherish being with my baby." 

To help her continue to pursue art, her husband, Himanshu Chauhan, suggested she try to start a creative project that involved their baby. At just 2 months old, Shanaya became the star of Chauhan's photography project Mommy Creates


In the photo series, Chauhan uses household items, blankets, clothes, and toys to set up imaginative shots for Shanaya to be posed in. Then, she stands on a chair to take her picture from above so that the entire frame is captured perfectly. "While this sounds quite easy in written, it took a lot of imagination, combinations and patience considering that the main subject was not even a year old in the pictures," Chauhan said. 

Her tagline for the series is, "I created my daughter and she inspired me to create this."

The project has given Chauhan a creative outlet, but it's also helped to strengthen her relationship with her family. 

"Many times, it was a family effort when the photos were being clicked. My husband Himanshu would make suggestions and motivate me to change a certain part of the frame for better," she said. "Or he would keep Shanaya engaged while the set is being made or the photo being clicked. It gave us amazing family time when all three of us would be aiming towards creating some beautiful memories." 

Chauhan has learned a lot through creating these photos with her daughter. "[I've learned] babies are your best friends, all you need is a lot of patience. It's a very rewarding feeling to make the best of what you have," Chauhan said. "And motherhood is just a beginning of a whole lot of new beautiful things and not an end to anything at all." 

"My idea was to fulfill my creative potential and lots of memories for my baby. I am happy that I am able to make it appear beautiful through the lens and that it has become a sort of identity for me and my baby," she continued. "I just want others to feel these are cute photographs created by a loving mom out of her passion for art." 

You can check out some of her photos below. 


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