Considering A Tattoo? You'll Definitely Want To Try This First.

They're perfect for people with commitment issues.

Undecided about where your next tattoo will go? Unsure if you really want the design you've drawn up? Worried you might be more into the idea than the reality of getting inked? 

Then Momentary Ink tattoos are exactly what you need. 

The startup creates realistic temporary tattoos that look and feel like the real deal. That way you can try out your body art before getting it permanently inked. Customers simply upload an image of the tattoo they want, and Momentary Ink creates a replica temporary tatt shipped to their doorstep. If a patron doesn't have an image, Momentary Ink has in-house tattoo artists they can work with. 

"People are getting rid of these cookie-cutter tattoos and really getting into more meaningful, complex, often custom design," Jordan Denny, founder of Momentary Ink told Mashable. "It really calls for a thoughtful decision and requires a lot more of a flexible tattoo process. We want to make it easier to visualize something much more powerful and meaningful to people before they get it done."

Just like any other temporary tattoo, you adhere the design to your skin by wetting the back. Then you spray a layer of sealing solution and apply Momentary Ink's matting solution. Voilà! You have a tattoo that's almost the real thing. 

That tattoos are non-toxic, waterproof and can last anywhere from three to 10 days. Prices vary based on the size of the tattoo: If it's between zero and three inches, it'll be between $15 and $18, and tattoos between 8-10 inches can cost between $25 and $30. 

Some of Momentary Ink's customers have found that it helped them decide to invest in the permanent version and realized it would look better somewhere else


Check out some examples of their tattoos below:










(H/T: Mashable

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