Women Are Finally Showing Off Their 'MomBods' And It's Awesome

'Mombods' are the new hot bods.

Mom. The person who (may have) carried you for about nine months then gave birth to you and raised you into the human being you are today. Some moms still retain the battle scars — stretch marks, scar tissue and extra skin — and they're tired of being ashamed of it. 

Once the whole Dadbod thing had gone viral — the trend that accepts a man's "imperfect" body for what it is and may even now be considered sexy (thanks, Leo DiCaprio) — women started to speak up. They've long been ostracized for their "imperfect" bodies that nurtured a mini human and, dang it, they deserve love, too. 

And thus the #Mombod trend was born. Moms everywhere started to Tweet and Instagram shots of their bodies, stomachs and all, to show that even though they're not "perfect," they're every bit as beautiful.

Don't believe us?


See for yourself. Then go give your mom a hug.

Or if you're a mom...

Take a selfie.

You deserve it.


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