The Beautiful Moment A Mom Battling Breast Cancer Delivered A Baby Boy

"I see a woman who is determined to beat cancer, and truly live."

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of the month, we will be highlighting the stories of those affected, as well as the people who come to their aid and help bring awareness to the issue.

Photographer Bonnie Hussey, who specializes in birth and postpartum services, wanted to give back to her community after moving from Washington to Central Florida. So she wrote a special Facebook post calling on people to tell their pregnancy stories for a chance to win a free photography birth session with her.  A friend tagged Maria Crider in the post, who then shared her story.

Crider revealed to the photographer that she was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer after she found out she was pregnant. During her pregnancy, she went through four rounds of chemotherapy and a mastectomy on her left breast.


Hussey told A Plus she knew Crider needed to have her birth story documented.

Hussey arrived at the Florida Hospital for Women in Orlando for Crider's scheduled cesarean. In a post about the experience, she wrote that the doctor invited her into the operating room on the condition she didn't use any video during the cesarean, and she stayed in a certain area. However, she ended up being able to see and photograph the procedure. The staff even set up a camera so she could watch the birth live.

Prior to the expectant mom going into the operating room, one of the nurses had asked Maria about breastfeeding as she still had one breast. Crider said she'd like to try as she had passed the threshold from the last chemotherapy, although there was no guarantee she would be able to at all or for a sustained amount of time.

The hospital has donors' milk in its milk bank for babies, but one of Crider's friends had also prepared milk for the newborn in case she wasn't able to breastfeed.

Courtesy of Bonnie Hussey 

On April 13, Crider gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Logan.

Courtesy of Bonnie Hussey 

The tender photos show Crider with her husband, Brandon, and their newborn bonding. Maria is seen holding the baby to her chest and kissing the little guy and her husband.

After seeing Hussey's photo series of the birth, Crider told HuffPost, "Bonnie captured all the emotions from the nervousness and excitement in the pre-op to the relief and joy and pain the operating room. I love the photos! It's my 'Hell yeah! We made it!' moment caught in photos."

Courtesy of Bonnie Hussey 

Hussey told A Plus that when she looks at the photos, she sees strength. "When I see the photos of Maria's birth story, I see a strong woman with an incredible husband. I see a woman who is determined to beat cancer, and truly live."

"When I see the photos of Maria’s birth story, I see a strong woman with an incredible husband. I see a woman who is determined to beat cancer, and truly live."

Courtesy of Bonnie Hussey 

With Crider's encouragement, Hussey shared the photos on social media.

Hussey hopes others viewing the series are inspired by it. "My hope when others read about Maria and her story is that it moves them into action into aiding the fight against breast cancer," she said. "My hope is that one day. in my lifetime, we have the resources available to save every woman."

Courtesy of Bonnie Hussey 

She revealed that Crider just finished her last radiation cycle within the last few days and that baby Logan is doing well. "Logan is just perfect. He was born healthy and the chemo didn't pass the placenta," she wrote. "It's a privilege to watch him grow up and to be apart of her journey."


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