Divorced Mom Turns Her Wedding Ring Into A Necklace For Her Daughter

"Although her marriage to my dad didn’t work out, they both agreed I was the best thing to come from it."

A few weeks before her 21st birthday, Devin Petit received a very special gift from her mother. When she opened the box, she saw the early birthday gift was a necklace made from the diamonds of her mom's wedding band. Petit's parents divorced more than 10 years ago, but have been loving co-parents to her since. 

"I wanted to give her a special gift for her 21st birthday and I know she likes jewelry as much as I do," Karen Beardsley, Petit's mom, told BuzzFeed News.


Petit shared a photo of the meaningful gift from her mother on Twitter. "My mom gave me this necklace this morning as an early birthday gift," Petit wrote. "She said although her marriage to my dad didn't work out, they both agreed I was the best thing to come from it, which is why she wanted me to have it."

"My parents always maintained an amicable relationship and were really conscious of me and how I felt and always put me first," Petit told BuzzFeed. "Throughout my childhood they lived very close to each other, and I spent near equal amount of time with both of them."

The beautiful necklace is just another reminder of the love both her mom and dad have for her. "She's genuinely the sweetest," Petit wrote on Twitter about her mom. "I'm so thankful to have parents like them."

Many people on Twitter were moved by the beautiful gesture.

Others shared that their parents did something similar following their divorce.

It's so nice to see families finding meaningful ways to show their love for their children after divorce. 


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